Yamiomega, are you serious? When will January list be up? Hallo, ehrlich das bisschen googlen hättest du echt auch selbst hinbekommen: Works fine, but all the cards are blank, and that’s annoying. What about Windows Phone?? Igot on and went to duel somebody.

Name: ygopro android
Format: ZIP-Archiv
Betriebssysteme: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Lizenz: Nur zur personlichen verwendung
Größe: 29.16 MBytes

So many people asking but no one answers My bro and i will play with a. Im so angry I want to smash my tablet bc I just bought this galaxy tab3 lite for the purpose of ygopro and its basically the only tablet that will not run the app bc it crashes. If you dont know what Discord is, google it and download it. BoraDerSpeer Das ist genau das, was du lesen solltest. Thursday, September 13,

Great job, just two questions.

ygopro android

Most appreciated on the android updates. By Update Link for Android plz on: I know there is an Android released on the page how ever I heard it requires a lot of work to get it installed unlike as it was on playstore.

yugioh devpro für smartphones

Sonic, probably, that won’t work. Also wenn ihr interesse habt dann schreibt es mir hier drunter bitte!

Seriously, anndroid just being lazy. I’m amazed to see that this ygopro company doesn’t listen to its fan base for over a year it has not been update on iOS.


Ygopro for iOS has been released

Thursday, June 14, BoraDerSpeer ps mein Nutzer Name ist odin: Enter the code shown above in the box below. The card images etc have to be installed via desktop? My bro and i will play with a. Saturday, July 28, When can i use Ocg rules in online? By Max Middleton on: So many people androif but no one answers I camt seem to get the images to work at all.

YGOPRO Yugioh news and updates – Ygopro for iOS has been released

When will android get the new challengers tcg updated???? Hallo, ich versuche seit andfoid langer Zeit YgoDEV Pro zu downloaden,aber immer wenn es fertig ist und ich es starten möchte tritt ein Hgopro auf,aber warum? Is android pro going to anrdoid anymore updates?

ygopro android

Wie ich meine wurde Devpro mal gelöscht oder sogibts ein neues oder eine viel benutzte Alternative. Yugioh DevPro funktioniert nicht.

Gibt es ein neues Devpro oder eine Alternative? Could we please have an update? Anvroid server android and ios?? Any help on some missing card pics?


YGOPro bzw. DevPro für Android erhältlich?

Is this ever gonna be andtoid Thursday, September 20, The newest banlist would be nice please I need to test btw idk androic this is right but your ruling the malefic’s wrong the judge at my locals says both player can have a malefic and if skill drain is up to can have as many as u want on board in your monster zones.

I did that and now I have the new cards and all the images just now the new pretty version of ygopro.

ygopro android

It would really help if you guys talked to your community instead of leaving us in the dark in regards to the updates Hey guys if you updated correctly and are missing some cards just uninstall keep the new card files and reinstall the previous version. Certain bugs were hotfixed, but I cant find instructions to install said fix, link maybe?

How can you change the banlist to OCG when playing online? It has been 1 year.