Why can’t I find it on app store please help i realy want the app. Friday, May 04, Tuesday, September 11, Would you upload it to another markets like Mobomarket , I am rather worried about its popularity going downhill that is all and not finding any one to duel On Android because of that. Can you update next version with past card pics? I keep trying to open the demo, doesn’t seem to be available anymore. Ios needs a update please new cards are out and we cant use them till yall update so please update.

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Sunday, August 19, It has been 1 year. Please add pre-errata cards and anime cards too on the next update thanks. You can do ygoopro with file manager app. Yamiomega, are you serious? You don’t put the slashes in there. Then come back here and click their Discord server and it will open it in the Discord program and you will find the link there.

Da wir für unsere Youtube aufnahmen immer nach mindestens 1 Zug tot sind kann man die Aufnahmen nicht so gut verwerten und das Nervt ein bisschen.

ygopro android

Ich glaube, schon einmal gegen dich gespielt zu haben sicher bin ich mir allerdings nicht. Or do i have to download everything again? I’m waiting for the update on the YGOpro on the website.


Im so angry I want to smash my tablet bc I just bought this galaxy tab3 lite for the purpose of ygopro and its basically ygporo only tablet that will not run the app bc it crashes. Ich kann nur soviel auf “Starten“ klicken, wie ich will. I can’t download it at all.

ygopro android

Can anyone give me the actual link? Can anyone give me the actual link?

Thanks for readeng hope to replay meet soon By star. By Max Middleton on: Why has the Android version been removed from the store? Can you bring ygopro back to the play store? They’re not going to do all these revisions and release more software just because you come on here and order them to ygopeo it. Jus downloaded due to no longer being in the play store.

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Are you able to play with friends on ios? When will January list be up? But I say a great thank.

I’m amazed to see that this ygopro company doesn’t listen to its fan base for over a year it has not been update on iOS. Wenn man ygoprk Devpro Yugioh spielt und Täuschungsfrosch durch Feindkontrolle opfert und somit auf den Friedhof bringt, aktiviert sich sein Effekt nicht.

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When will the iOS get an update because we really wanna test the androis ban list and new cards. The folder is called ygopro. I have a galaxy tab 3. Works fine, but all the cards are blank, and that’s annoying. Because they may remove the app like they did in Google Play.


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Yu-Gi-Oh nervige Decks Ideen? Like everyone else, I’d really love the app to be updated. For those asking how to download. Friday, July 20, Please add pre-errata cards and anime cards too on the next update thanks.

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Optional Email used only to show Gravatar. Friday, July 20, Hallo, ich versuche seit ein langer Zeit YgoDEV Pro zu downloaden,aber immer wenn es fertig ist und ich es starten möchte tritt ein Fehler auf,aber warum? Tuesday, September 18, After you install the ygoppro to your android, you need to download the card files also. Maybe their waiting till link vrains ends so they dont have to keep hearing us for a while about new cards ygopr see.

All my cards are white: