We’ve decided to try a Kickstarter that involves digital-only rewards, as our experience with physical rewards for the Xenonauts 1 Kickstarter suggested that they cost a lot of time and money to produce, and did not bring in enough money to make that time worthwhile. Because so much of our game is UI think how many screens there are on the strategy layer! It covers tech tree choices, base placement, base configuration, ground unit composition and more. Fortnite – Battle Royale. What languages will Xenonauts-2 support?

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For instance, if the event is „Local VIP Disappears“ the description text displayed when you hover on the event could read something like: The first is the Portrait Editor, which can be downloaded here: At release, we will only officially support English and Russian because one of our team members is fluent in Russian and xenonautz do the translation for us. The little Geoscape Events that are spawned by UFOs as they fly around the Geoscape and give a bit of extra flavour to the world have a description as well as a title. Du kannst keine Antwort auf deine Frage finden?

Um sich bestmöglich vor den Eindringlingen schützen zu können, müssen Sie zuerst einmal ein engmaschiges Satellitennetzwerk aufbauen, das die Erde überwacht und Sie müssen intensiv an neuen Erfindungen forschen, damit Sie den Fremden im weiteren Spielverlauf mit ähnlich starken oder sogar besseren Waffen begegnen können.


The portrait for your soldier is drawn from one of two locations. Once you know the basic strategy of where to build the base, how to train your guys it all comes down to lucky A guide using the knowledge gained from my last successful run through on Veteran, Ironman difficulty. Our community made some very impressive efforts to translate Xenonauts 1 into other languages despite this being extremely difficult to do so we hope that the game will have an unofficial translation for all major languages by the time it release.



Xemonauts Downloads Cheat Engine. I was poking arround in the Xenonauts assets file and I found this. Not the best level design, imo. Kompatibel mit Windows 10 und 3 weiteren Systemen.

Vollversion: Xenonauts

Andere über dieses Projekt informieren Fertig. If you do choose to rescue them, how do you go about it? The name and portrait of the soldier will be xenonautts as part of xenonats Situation briefing, so that soldier will be displayed prominently even if the player ultimately chooses not to help your soldier. At release, we will only officially support English and Russian because one of our team members is fluent in Russian and can do the translation for us.

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All UFOs are at the top. All custom soldiers provided xenoauts have been given a sensible name have a chance to be hired whenever any Xenonauts-2 player hires new soldiers. This is the point at which we’ll properly address a bunch of the UI issues from the first Xenonauts, too – for example tiny fonts, or bad support for ultra-widescreen resolutions etc.

Whether that’s a good thing or not is up to you!

Xenonauts: Trotzen Sie der Alien-Invasion

Mit „Cheat Engine“ können Sie ein Spiel so manipulieren, dass es einfacher oder schwerer wird. If the game has technical issues or is lacking content or polish, there’s a good chance you’ll get a bunch of negative reviews that will stay with the game forever even after final release and this also makes it less likely the launch will sell well.

Because so much of our game is UI think how many screens there are on the strategy layer! So we can’t promise anything other than English and Russian right now, but hopefully we’ll support a whole lot more than that! However, we understand a lot of our fans want to play Xenonauts-2 in their native language so we’re building some translation tools to make the game as easy as possible to translate.


How do custom soldiers work? Are you planning to update the UI of the game? Fremde Lebensformen dringen in die Erdatmosphäre ein und suchen xsnonauts nur nach Kühen, die diese genauer untersuchen möchten.

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Die beliebtesten offiziellen und xeonauts der Community erstellten Inhalte der letzten Woche. We plan to start experimenting with Mac and Linux builds shortly before our launch into Early Access hopefully towards the end of the year – we just don’t want to take money for something we’re not yet completely sure we can deliver!

Windows Android iOS Mac. And please stop saying fresh meat and etc. Wir halten Sie zu Vollversion: If native speakers are willing to vouch for the quality of those translations, we’ll package them with the final game. Du kannst keine Antwort auf deine Frage finden?

All Corpses are at the bottom. However the soldiers that are put in the Situations pool will be encountered more often and recruited in a more interesting manner. AI is a cheater. Xenonauts xeonauts a strategy game in which you control a multi-national military organisation defending a Cold War-era Earth from alien invasion, using small squads of persistent soldiers to eliminate xenonnauts extraterrestrials and recover their technology xenohauts turn-based ground combat.

That said, we still think physical rewards are cool and we are potentially interested in offering a limited edition physical copy of Xenonauts-2 for collectors later on in development – although this would be a more xenonnauts product and would be something created an external company who specialise in this sort of thing so could make a much higher quality product than we can.