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The three winners will comprise the GREATER BILL, and the aGREATER.US Platform will consist of the highest rated bill, by national platform topic, and packaged by the editors.

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Topic: Criminal Justice

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The Yellow Card Act

To track and tax immigrants

/ 90% Immigrationsponsored by Joshua Holloway

The migration of illegal immigrants into the US is undoubtedly a problem. In dealing with this issue however, we must be humane and considerate, of these modern-day pilgrims. As a first step it will be made known...view entire bill

Eliminate the For-Profit Prison Industry

Profit is an unacceptable motive for incarceration.

/ 82% Criminal Justicesponsored by Roger Wilcox

Prison industry lobbying efforts to increase rates and terms of incarceration provide clear evidence that the profit motive is a corrupting influence on our justice system. It is not only unethical but immoral to...view entire bill

Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act

A Bipartisan Effort: HR 2306

/ 77% Drug Policysponsored by aGREATER.US

From NORML's website: "HR 2306, entitled the 'Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011,' prohibits the federal government from prosecuting adults who use or possess personal use amounts of marijuana by...view entire bill

Raise the Bar on the Death Penalty Act

From “Beyond a Reasonable...” to “Virtually No Doubt

/ 64% Criminal Justicesponsored by aGREATER.US

When I was well into my twenties my parents finally told me how close I had come to John Wayne Gacy as a teen. JWG was a general contractor in Chicago, and my father was a designer who frequently used GCs to run...view entire bill