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The three winners will comprise the GREATER BILL, and the aGREATER.US Platform will consist of the highest rated bill, by national platform topic, and packaged by the editors.

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Topic: Financial Regulation

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End Too Big To Fail

Pass Glass-Steagall or Break up the Mega-Banks

/ 97% Financial Regulationsponsored by aGREATER.US

The conclusions drawn from this piece are solely that of aGREATER.US. Below is the introduction of a longer piece written by Harvey Rosenblum, the head of the Dallas Fed’s Research Department in the 2011 Annual...view entire bill

Curb Oil Speculation Act (#COSA)

Ban Margin Trading in Oil

/ 86% Economysponsored by aGREATER.US

Free markets are great. Free markets on steroids—not so much. Momentum trading in stocks is all the rage. Instead of buying low when everyone is scared, and selling high when everyone is greedy, the game plan now is...view entire bill

Equal Justice for DC & the Territories

Electoral and Tax Reform for 4 Million U.S. Citizens

/ 84% Governmentsponsored by David Itkin

The citizens of the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the other U.S Territories’ have no voting representation in Congress. Local governments elected by the citizens of the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico...view entire bill

Make the Economy Work for Public Good!

The people, not banks, should direct the economy.

/ 66% Economysponsored by Marc Antonio

Under today's monetary system (since 1913) banks create the national money supply when they make loans. As a result, in deciding where to make these loans, the banks decide what our country does. If banks make more...view entire bill