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The three winners will comprise the GREATER BILL, and the aGREATER.US Platform will consist of the highest rated bill, by national platform topic, and packaged by the editors.

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Topic: Welfare of Animals

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Animal Bill of Rights

Do you believe animals deserve basic legal rights?

/ 69% Welfare of Animalssponsored by Animal Legal Defense Fund

Deprived of legal protection, animals are defenseless against exploitation and abuse by humans. Through the Animal Bill of Rights, the Animal Legal Defense Fund is working to show Congress a groundswell of support for...view entire bill

Support Animal Abuser Registries!

Does an animal abuser live in your neighborhood?

/ 67% Welfare of Animalssponsored by Animal Legal Defense Fund

Our state has good reasons to be concerned about the whereabouts of animal abusers, including the high rate of recidivism among animal hoarders, the dangers to a community that are associated with animal fighting, and...view entire bill