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The three winners will comprise the GREATER BILL, and the aGREATER.US Platform will consist of the highest rated bill, by national platform topic, and packaged by the editors.

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Topic: Drug Policy

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A Drug War on Chronic Users' Behavior

Exhaust Best Practices Before Long Incarcerations

/ 90% Drug Policysponsored by aGREATER.US

This is from an article in the Wall Street Journal 4/22/12 entitled Rethinking the War on Drugs. It concludes, "The U.S. has reached a dead end in trying to fight drug use by treating every offender as a...view entire bill

Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act

A Bipartisan Effort: HR 2306

/ 77% Drug Policysponsored by aGREATER.US

From NORML's website: "HR 2306, entitled the 'Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011,' prohibits the federal government from prosecuting adults who use or possess personal use amounts of marijuana by...view entire bill