Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How should I rate the bills?

A. 5* Deserves to be on the GREATER BILL
4* Deserves to be on the GREATER Platform
3* Wouldn't mind if it was on the GREATER Platform
2* Not ready yet.
1* I do not want this on the GREATER BILL or Platform!

Q. How do the ratings work; How is the GREATER BILL set?

A. Throughout the year we will display on the leader board the highest well rated nonpartisan and bipartisan ideas. At the end of the year, we will edit the top ideas into a coherent, powerful package of three bills to press on candidates and elected officials. We will also take into account national polling, and expert advice from the left, right, and center. It is our goal to be reflective of American sentiment, and find near consensus on the most important issues of the day.

Q. Is aGREATER.US a political party?

A. No, not in the legal sense. No money is given to candidates. We're a newspaper editorial page, and will endorse candidates that publicly support that year's GREATER BILL by naming them GREATER Candidates. GREATER Candidates may also choose to reveal the level of support of the GREATER Platform, and which items they have reasoned dissent.

aGREATER.US is however, a party for a GREATER America, in the figurative sense. And at a greater party everything is on the table, and everyone is welcome.

Q. Why are some bills with higher Star and/or Bipartisan Ratings outranked by seemingly lesser bills?

A. The bar is set very high to make it onto the GREATER BILL. A bill must be in the increasingly upper percentiles of number of ratings to be in contention. When you see such a great bill trailing behind, it just needs more citizens to rate it similarly to be in the greater race.

About Us

aGREATER.US is a media outlet. A process. A website publishing its user's hopes, dreams, and content. A competition. An experiment.

The site is brought to you by AGREATER PUBLISHING, LLC. The editorial policy is to provide a fair balance of views held by fiscal conservatives, social liberals, and independents. The views of the bills submitted and the op-eds are not the views of the publisher, and we may or may not agree with the content.

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