Public Education Guidelines

The purpose of education is exclusively to educate.

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The sole worth of an educator is in how well they educate. Measure the students on the way in and on the way out. The salary of the teacher should be coupled to the improvements of the students. Great improvements, great rewards. No improvements would show the worth of the educator to the students to be lacking. Regardless of tenure, time in service or any other consideration the benefit to the students should be the criterion for advancement, salary, and retention. The school system is there for the kids, not as a security blanket for teachers. In any private sector job just showing up is not sufficient for advancement and retention. The people of the US should settle for no less.


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Op-ed Guidelines
Please bring up points that were missed, elaborate on issues not fleshed out, add ways to make the idea/bill better, suggest a companion for GREATER Raters to consider. Please check your facts, grammar, syntax, punctuation, credit sources and quotes, and keep it under 500 words unless you absolutely cannot—then never more than 700 words. Please keep your criticism constructive. We will likely not print destructive criticism although a well written partisan rant bringing up new issues in the idea/bill or previous Op-eds may be accepted if it ends on a constructive note—especially if it offers an alternative idea/bill.

Shorter "letters" are encouraged that bring a new facet to the subject. The intent of the Op-eds is to fully cover the issue for the kind reader to consider before rating, and not waste their time with redundancy or the dreaded—"people-screaming-at-one-another-while-wearing-earplugs-syndrome." Think of the idea/bill as the base with the Op-eds stacked on top to form a structurally sound argument. The goal here is to have a GREATER US for the greatest number of citizens/neighbors. We may publish your piece without notice—so please only submit completed articles. We may, also, contact you for a rewrite or edit. We might even offer suggestions. It is our intention to fairly present the views of fiscal conservatives, independents, and social liberals—to find the overlap of whole-hearted support (nonpartisan) plus the commonality of the "I-can-live-with-that" (bipartisan).

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