Lump & Jump Act

An optional payment method for Unemployment Insurance

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primary topic: Jobs
secondary topics: Commerce (Growth), Economy


Bill Cimbrelo is an independent candidate for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts. On Sunday, March 04, 2012, @Bill_Cimbrelo said: Lost your job? You should have options regarding your employment insurance. Checkout my idea called 'Lump & Jump'.

For those that have been unfortunate to lose their job, but have in mind an idea to start their own business, ‘Lump & Jump’ could be exactly the helping hand you’ve been waiting for.

Lump & Jump would give you the option to receive your unemployment benefit insurance check in a single lump-sum payment AFTER you have completed a business entrepreneurship and business planning course taught by your local Employment Division.

Additionally you would be assisted with the process of raising capital, applying for SBA loans and learning about worker-owned cooperatives as an alternative business structure.

[Editor Note: In areas hit particularly hard by plant closures, a lump sum payment could help those citizens relocate to areas of the country that have employment opportunities and not enough workers to fill those jobs.]


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