Green Bank Payback Act

For States' Administered Projects

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primary topic: Energy Policy
secondary topics: Climate Change, Commerce (Growth), Energy (Single Issue), Environment (Air)


Some States are windy, others sunny, yet others can harvest energy from ocean waves. Most states can drill for geothermal energy. Others may want to capitalize irrigation to switch to switch grass from corn for biofuel.

All these technologies and business plans have known and well defined payback periods.

The cost of borrowing money has, and will never again be, this cheap.

It is folly not to grab this opportunity for everyone to share in the profit and risks of becoming energy sufficient—sustainably for the environment and the country.

The Federal Government is too big and inefficient to administer anything other than the lending facility to initiate such a wide sweeping endeavor.

The States can best choose the efficient and just distribution of funding. This will create millions of jobs that cannot be outsourced and bring American pride back to our communities. All communities.

[Editor Note: The CAUSE Panel for Competitive Commerce is a greater model for States to follow to spread the risk and profit opportunities from this sensible Federal largesse.]


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