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aka the PRE Plan to Reform Elections

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We will PRE-APPROVE Candidates that support the Plan to Reform Elections. We ask the President, all sitting members of Congress, and all candidates running in the 2012 national elections to publicly support the PRE Plan (Plan to Reform Elections).

The framework's exact wording is in the Op-Ed below. The summary is to agree on Clean Elections Standards, Term Limits, and to End Gerrymandering.

These three issues have overwhelming supermajority support across the full spectrum from conservatives, independents, to social liberals. For systemic issues such as these what right does government have to not listen to the people? Obviously, blatantly, the defiance can only be to preserve a dysfunctional system unwilling to release its hold on power.

There are many in this movement that want far more sweeping electoral reforms. We have chosen to only focus, this year, on these items that are bulletproof with respect to public support.

If candidates publicly show support for the framework (in the Op-ed below) we the overwhelming majority of people supporting this systemic change to our system, will engage with those candidates on the critical issues of the day.

If the candidate does not support the framework, we will engage with that candidate's opponent if s/he supports the framework. If neither candidate supports the framework we will find a candidate who does support it. We will engage with any and all candidates who support the framework. This is a sorely needed nonpartisan effort.

Inotherwords, only candidates that support the framework will be PRE-Approved candidates—to rebuild democracy in America.

To be perfectly clear, the overwhelming majority in support of these changes can swing any election we desire.

The framework is from  and is already showing bipartisan support from a wide spectrum of political thought.

There are those in this movement that want to fully boycott candidates who do not support PRE. There are those who wish to fully boycott the elected official's next candidacy if they fail to pass the resultant legislation. We can't stress enough how urgently we feel that all candidates need to support this framework and live into its passage.


Pre-Plan Support

by T.J. O'Hara on 03/25/12

I am in complete support of the Pre-Plan you are promoting (i.e., Americans United to Rebuild Democracy: A Conceptual Agreement for Fundamental Election Reform). While, with regard to election finance reform, it is not as aggressive as the self-imposed limits of my presidential campaign (see, it is clearly in conceptual alignment with what I believe.

I completely embrace the concept of term limits (as I wrote in one of the books, The National Platform of Common Sense. While there may be other alternatives worthy of consideration, the ones expressed in your Pre-Plan offer a significant advancement over our current system.

Thank you for working toward a better and more equitable system of political representation.


T.J. O'Hara

PRE Plan Support

by Buddy Roemer on 01/03/12


As you may know, I have made the corrupting influence of money in politics the major theme in my campaign for President. Until we root out the corruption, it will be very hard to fix anything else. I also support congressional term limits and an end to gerrymandering. In doing so, I fully support the PRE Plan on aGREATER.US. Thank you for activism and public service.

Buddy Roemer


by Jon Denn on 12/21/11

Buddy Roemer
T.J O'Hara
Andre Barnett
Jon Huntsman [publicly supported the tenets]
Michealene Risley

Paul Passarelli (L)
Brian K Hill (R)

Bill Cimbrelo (I)

Robert Mardis (I)

CT 02
Dan Reale (L)

FL 19
WM (Mike) Trout (I)

NJ 05
Mark Quick (Reform)

OR 01
Steven Cody Reynolds (Progressive)

TN 07
Jack Todd Arnold (I)

TX 36
Chuck Meyer (R)

PRE Approved Candidate

by Jon Denn on 12/11/11

This is from

Americans United to Rebuild Democracy: A Conceptual Agreement for Fundamental Election Reform

I. Clean Elections

In order to discourage moneyed interests from shaping legislation and entrenching incumbency, we agree that we will work to replace the current campaign financing system with a Clean Elections System, meaning:

1. All campaign contributions to federal office seekers from economically-self interested entities, including corporations, labor unions and trade organizations, and representatives from these groups, shall be unlawful.

2. Any collusion between a candidate for federal office and any economically self-interested entity making independent political expenditures shall be a criminal offense and subject to stiff penalties.

3. Political campaigns for federal offices shall be funded by either:

A. A system similar to the Fair Elections Now Act, in which small-dollar contributions to political candidates are matched and multiplied with public money during various campaign intervals.

B. A voucher system in which every voter receives a political campaign donation voucher in a sum of $50 or more to be divided, at the voters' discretion, between US House, US Senate and Presidential candidates.

C. Private contributions filtered through a blind trust of the sort described by Bruce Ackerman and Ian Ayers (Voting with Dollars - Yale University Press, 2002). (Supporters of the Agreement must agree to A or B and may also support C)

II. Congressional Term Limits In order to promote citizen government and discourage political careerism, it is agreed that the number of consecutive terms in which Members of Congress may serve in office are to be limited by law.

or and possibly

1. A. US House Members may not serve more than 3 to 6 consecutive two-year terms. US Senators may not serve or than 2 consecutive terms or

B. No Member of Congress may serve more than 12 consecutive years, in the House, the Senate or some combination of the two. (Supporters of the Agreement must agree to A. or B.)

2. A. After being term-limited, and forced out of Congress, that member is banned for life from ever serving in that same office again or B. The term limited Member of Congress may run for the same office again after retiring from elected office for the equivalent number of years that he/she had been permitted to serve. In other words, if 12 consecutive years are permitted, then no one may serve more than 12 years in any 24year span. (Supporters of the platform must agree to A. or B.)

III. A Ban on Gerrymandering In order to promote competitive elections, it is agreed that the practice of Gerrymandering shall be unlawful. Congressional districts shall be drawn in a way free of political influence, meaning:

1. Congressional districts are to be drawn in a neutral manner by independent officials without collusion with incumbent office holders or political parties. Language for an anti-gerrymandering provision could be similar to that of California Proposition 11. or

2. An automated approach to redistricting might be adopted using a split-line algorithm or similar method. Or

3. States may choose between #1 and #2 IV. Other Provisions Supporters of the conceptual agreement, while agreeing to the above provisions, are free to bring additional proposals to the table. The final proposal is not limited to the above concepts.

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