Silence Car Door Locking Horns!

Chirps not Honks

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Was it a conspiracy to make us a more jumpy society, or what?

You go to the store, minding your own business, and a horn blasts, WARNING, you are about die, yet another victim of vehicular manslaughter. Noooo, it's just some jackass who is too lazy to confirm his or her car is locked by looking at the blessedly silent blinking fog or brake lights. Probably because they had their eyes on their smartphone. I'm multi-tasking here! Or too busy to read the owner's manual and select the horn-off feature.

Maybe it's just a conspiracy to get us to think about cars three times every minute of every day. I wonder what I should make for dinner, we had "Honk" last night. Wow, nice ride. I should test drive that baby next year. We haven't had "chirp" in a while. Ooh, a convertible. I'd look good getting a tan while driving. The kids didn't really like that "yikes!" last week. OMG, I dropped my cell phone. Ok, which car did that? C'mon fess up. Own it.

Are you with me on this? SILENCE CAR DOOR LOCKING HORNS. We're a reasonable society, chirps can be tolerated. But, we need to live free and not die of fright from gratuitous honking. Exercise your citizen's rights. Fight for no fright. Rate this five stars!


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